Friday, January 20, 2006

How my parents met

These are photos of my parents very shortly after they were married.

I used the Raspberries and Cream kit by Kim Liddiard and a sketch from Scrap Maps.

Journaling reads: "My mother told me in January, 2006 how she met my dad: “We met in a bowling alley. I went with another guy [Dixie]. Mac’s brother [Bernie] was a friend of his [Dixie’s]. He [Bernie] told Mac that he better get dressed and get to the bowling alley because there was someone there he would want to meet.”

"She never dated Dixie again.

"Later she told me that at that time, my dad had had a habit of not getting dressed on Sundays, which was why Bernie had told him to get dressed and go to the bowling alley. She also said that she had been out with Dixie the night before and they had seen Bernie, which was how Bernie knew that she was going to be at the bowling alley that Sunday.

"They met in October, were engaged in November, and married in December, 1946. Even though they hadn’t known each other before they met in October, their families knew each other. In fact, she told me that my dad’s mother’s brother was her dad’s best friend."

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Paint Chip (aka Cindy) said...

Romantic pix, beautiful LO elements, and a wonderful story to tell! What more could you ask for. Your LO is terrific and will surely bring you happy memories for many years to come!