Wednesday, January 25, 2006


Another layout for my journaling class on Digital Scrapbook Place - this one is for the bullet point list style of journaling.

I used Cabin in the Woods Page Kit and Extras Kit by Lauren Bavin from Digital Scrapbook Place and a sketch from Creating Keepsakes.

I took extra time to justify my journaling in the journaling box - not something that Photoshop Elements will do automatically. But I thought it would be worth it for this layout. This is also the first digital 2-page layout I've done (I used to do 2-page paper layouts all the time).

Journaling reads: "We spend a week or two in Colorado just about every other summer, and we’ve been doing that for most of the 28+ years we’ve been married (starting with our honeymoon). What keeps us going back year after year?
-- Mountains
-- Wildflowers
-- Waterfalls
-- Scenic drives
-- Streams for fishing
-- A cabin for relaxing
-- Hiking"

Friday, January 20, 2006

The "Real" Santa

Background paper is from Christmas Textures kit by Karen Bowers, brushes are from Thomas M. Ledin, inking effect is from Atomic Cupcake.

Journaling reads: "Stillwater National Bank had a Christmas party for their employees and families when I worked there. They hired a man to play Santa Claus, and the parents brought a small gift for their children that Santa gave out. Brian was 4 years old when we went to the first Christmas party. The man who played Santa must have been really good at it, because Brian believed for several years that he was the REAL Santa Claus. All the others he saw were just men dressed up like Santa; this was the real one."

The bottom line states, "Photo taken December, 1985 - Page completed January, 2006" And yes, the photo really is that old - my son is 24 years old now!

How my parents met

These are photos of my parents very shortly after they were married.

I used the Raspberries and Cream kit by Kim Liddiard and a sketch from Scrap Maps.

Journaling reads: "My mother told me in January, 2006 how she met my dad: “We met in a bowling alley. I went with another guy [Dixie]. Mac’s brother [Bernie] was a friend of his [Dixie’s]. He [Bernie] told Mac that he better get dressed and get to the bowling alley because there was someone there he would want to meet.”

"She never dated Dixie again.

"Later she told me that at that time, my dad had had a habit of not getting dressed on Sundays, which was why Bernie had told him to get dressed and go to the bowling alley. She also said that she had been out with Dixie the night before and they had seen Bernie, which was how Bernie knew that she was going to be at the bowling alley that Sunday.

"They met in October, were engaged in November, and married in December, 1946. Even though they hadn’t known each other before they met in October, their families knew each other. In fact, she told me that my dad’s mother’s brother was her dad’s best friend."

One of my favorite photos of my son

Background papers, mat, the large "B", and the pocket with tags are all from the Boy oh Boy kit by Valeri Brumfield from Digital Scrapbook Place. I also used a sketch from Scrap Maps.

Journaling reads: "Dear Brian, This has always been one of my favorite pictures of you, but it almost didn’t happen. I took you to a store when you were 3 or 4 to have your picture taken, but you really didn’t want to be there. While we waited in line for our turn, you fussed and complained and made it very clear that you were unhappy with the whole idea. When it was finally our turn, you decided to get funny and started making faces at the photographer. You would stick your tongue out or cross your eyes or make some other funny face, then laugh about it. The photographer tried his best to get a good shot, but as soon as he would snap a shot, you would be making another face. I had no idea what I’d see when we went back to the store to pick out our photos. Most of them just caught you making your funny faces, but this one caught you at just the right moment. You can see the mischief in your eyes, but you can also see your sense of humor and love of life. And what a great smile! Love, Mom"

The pocket (from the kit) reads: "A boy is . . ." and the tags in the pocket read: "Truth with dirt on its face. Beauty with a cut on its finger. Wisdom with bubble gum in its hair, and the hope of the future with a frog in its pocket."

Another digital scrapbooking class

I have taken several classes at Digital Scrapbook Place, and I've really learned a lot from all of them. I think the one I'm taking this month is the best one yet! I'm taking Creative Journaling and Typography, from Stacey Jewel Stahl, and she is such a great teacher!! Very supportive. She has so much great information. She's really pushing us - we're doing 7 layouts this month! I've completed 4 so far, 3 of which I'm really happy with (the 4th one is ok, but not as good as the other 3). And it's gotten me to tell some stories that I've wanted to tell for a long time. I'll post the 3 layouts I'm happiest with in the next 3 posts.

Tuesday, January 10, 2006

Figure Skating

My DH and I love to watch figure skating. We always watch it on tv, and we have been to several events. So this week is the US National Championships in St. Louis, where the Olympic team will be decided, and we're there! We'll be going to see the first event in a couple of hours. Should be a fun week!