Thursday, November 10, 2005

Camera Woes

Well, my digital camera arrived home on Monday, just as scheduled. I opened the box and looked at the packing slip first. I noticed that it referred to the first problem I'd sent it in for, not the second, and it also stated "no problem found." WHAT?? So I put the battery and the memory card in it, turned it on, checked it, and NO, they DID NOT fix the problem. I can not believe this!

Here is the story - sometime in September, the lens stopped retracting into the camera when you turned the camera off. I sent it in for repairs - which meant having Mail Boxes Etc. double box it so that insurance would cover it if it was damaged in shipping. They repaired it and returned it (but we were without it for about 3 weeks). The day it came back, I loaded the battery and memory card back into it, checked it to be sure the lens retracted like it was supposed to (it did), and put it away.

A couple of days later I tried to take a picture with it. This model has a button on the back that lets you switch back and forth between using the LCD monitor on the back of the camera and the viewfinder (when one is on, the other is off). When I turned the camera on, the LCD monitor was on. I pressed the button to use the viewfinder, the monitor went off, but the viewfinder didn't come on. I pressed the button again, the monitor came back on. Every time I pressed the button, the monitor either went on or off, but the viewfinder never came on. So I called the company. I had to send it back (of course). They told me that since it was a "REDO" (their word), they would reimburse the shipping. They gave me a service order number and told me to include copies of all the paperwork. I did that.

When I called them Monday, the guy I talked to tried to blame me for calling it a "REDO." It seems they "thought" I was sending it back to redo the lens, and since the lens worked, there was "no problem found." Of course, if they had READ what I wrote on the form they required me to send them, they would have known I was sending it in for the viewfinder and not the lens. Needless to say, I am still pretty steamed about it.

The guys at Mail Boxes Etc. are getting to know me pretty well now - they gave me a "frequent shipper" card and even stamped it 3 times (since I hadn't had the card for the other 2 shipments).

All of this rant is just to say that I have a number of quilting projects that I would like to post, but I can't until I get the camera back in working order. But I can still share some paper projects - at least my scanner works!

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