Saturday, October 29, 2005


I had 3 cards published in this month's Vamp Stamp News magazine. It is so exciting to see my work in print. And Vamp Stamp News is a really interesting Rubber Stamp magazine. It is a one-woman operation, not your slick glossy full color magazine like so many others, but still very well put together with a lot of good solid information. I really enjoy the magazine, so it is quite a thrill that I've been published there several times. Here is a link to the website: The extra fun thing is that if you're published, you get a free copy of the magazine. And since I've been published in 6 out of the previous 9 months, I haven't even bought a subscription. If I ever get tired of submitting my work, I will definitely buy that subscription, but until then, I just buy it at the nearest rubber stamp store (about 65 miles away) whenever I'm not published. I've even had my work on the cover a few times.

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