Monday, October 17, 2005

Embroidery Trunk Show

I went to a trunk show of machine embroidery designs today - spent way too much money! It's so hard not to buy designs when you see them beautifully stitched out. This is a designer from South Africa and I already have a few of her designs. Now I have more! I went with my two sewing buddies, and we all bought designs. I actually spent less money than either of them (which is not unusual these days). Of course, she offered some specials for the trunk show only, so I only bought designs with special pricing. I figured I could always buy others off the website later. Here are links to the designs I bought:

Now I have to find the time to embroider them! I'm going to search for some good blanks to embroider onto. The cutwork designs will be great on linen table runners and/or napkin corners.

Thursday, these same friends and I are going to Houston for Quilt Market, so I'm sure my spending spree isn't finished yet!!

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